Google Marketing Live 2024 Takeaways

google marketing live 2024

On May 21st, Google Marketing Live 2024 happened. Here are the key takeaways from each session from the event. The marketing landscape has drastically changed since the first Google Marketing Live in 2013, with AI being the current transformative trend. Businesses are now eager to learn how to leverage AI for better results Updates within […]

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices and Stats: Is it worth it?

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices and Stats: Is it worth it?

Is LinkedIn Ads the right move for your business? With over 700 million professionals, LinkedIn offers a vast opportunity for businesses to recruit top talent and showcase their offerings. But is it worth the investment? Let’s explore LinkedIn Ads and see how they can drive your business growth. The Unique Value of LinkedIn Ads for […]

The Ultimate Guide for TikTok Content Creation

The Ultimate Guide for TikTok Content Creation

Whether you’re new to TikTok or looking to refine your approach, these insights will help you navigate the platform’s dynamic landscape and achieve impactful results. There are three stages of creating impactful TikTok content: Ideation: Finding inspiration, brainstorming, and structuring content to capture attention. Production: Filming and editing video clips to create a final ad-ready […]

META Webinar Takeaways: Building Connected Brands

Building Connected Brands Meta Webinar

On May 16th, took place the Building Connected Brands, a Meta webinar. The latest data shows that social media now tops global advertising spend in 2024, prompting a focus on brand building in this environment. Analysis highlights TV’s high contribution but lower cost-effectiveness compared to platforms like Meta and YouTube. Moreover, optimizing the channel mix could […]

META Marketing Summit 2024 Takeaways

meta marketing summit 2024

On April 24th, took place the Meta Marketing Summit 2024. Meta promised to delve into cutting-edge strategies, insights, and best practices designed to empower businesses in the era of automation. With a panel formed by Meta employees, AI professionals, agency representatives, and marketing directors, the event highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence in marketing, the […]

Mastering Consent Mode v2 with Google Tag Manager & CookieYes

Mastering Consent Mode v2 with Google Tag Manager & CookieYes

In today’s privacy-conscious world, ensuring user consent for cookie collection is crucial. This article dives into Consent Mode v2, a framework that empowers website owners to manage user cookie consent seamlessly with Google Tag Manager (GTM). We’ll explore the benefits of Consent Mode v2 and its implementation steps using GTM and CookiesYes. I uploaded a […]

Optimizing LinkedIn Ads Targeting: Beyond Job Titles

Optimizing LinkedIn Ads Targeting Beyond Job Titles

In the realm of LinkedIn Ads targeting, reaching the ideal audience is crucial for campaign success. While job titles appear to be a straightforward targeting method, a hurdle arises due to LinkedIn’s “Super Titles” categorization. This system lumps together similar job titles, potentially causing your campaigns to reach a broader audience than intended. Challenges with […]

Unlock LinkedIn Ads Targeting: Job Titles & Super Job Titles?


If you tried to create a campaign on LinkedIn Ads and could not access all the Job Titles that usually exist on user profiles, this is an article for you. From the start, we must understand that there is a difference between the number and diversity of job titles a user can access when setting […]