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On April 24th, took place the Meta Marketing Summit 2024.

Meta promised to delve into cutting-edge strategies, insights, and best practices designed to empower businesses in the era of automation.

With a panel formed by Meta employees, AI professionals, agency representatives, and marketing directors, the event highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence in marketing, the automation benefits, and for the biggest chunk of time – the Advantage+ campaigns available in the Meta ads interface

I present you my notes from the Meta Marketing Summit 2024, and I hope they will help and inspire you to create stunning campaigns.

Generative AI in marketing: A collaborative approach

by Aleksandra Przegalińska, Futurist

The speaker is introducing a concept in AI called “collaborative AI“. This AI is different because it works alongside humans, not just answering questions. It can ask clarifying questions, summarize information, and even suggest additional tasks. This frees up human creativity and boosts job satisfaction.

We saw an increase in efficiency and job productivity by 40%, but even more importantly we saw an increase in job satisfaction by 60%.

The research also showed that people can choose how they use this AI – for routine tasks or even creative ones. The next step is to personalize the AI further, making it adapt to different work styles and personalities. This future of human-AI collaboration holds the promise of making jobs more enjoyable and efficient.

Maximising performance with AI

by Goksu Nebol-Perlman VP, Product Marketing, Monetization, Meta

Statistics show explosive growth in AI adoption within marketing (80% of advanced creative roles using AI by 2026).

  • Meta’s AI delivers campaign optimization, placement selection, creative generation, and audience targeting.


Key benefits of Meta’s AI tools:

  • Efficiency: Automate tasks like campaign optimization, placement selection, and creative variations.
  • Performance: AI predicts user behavior and personalizes ads for maximum ROI.
  • Scalability: AI iterates millions of strategies to find the optimal campaign setup.


Call to action for marketers:

  • Embrace AI: Prepare your teams for collaboration and explore Meta Advantage products (e.g., Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns)
  • Test and learn: Experiment with automation solutions and generative AI features.
  • Measure and scale: Track results and scale successful AI-powered campaigns.


Overall, Meta positions itself as a leader in AI-powered marketing solutions, empowering marketers to achieve previously unimaginable results.

Meta marketing summit Maximising performance with AI

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Best-in-class performance marketing

by Jake Bailey, Group Director, Meta

  • The industry is rapidly changing: Marketers need to adapt to a focus on sustainable growth and navigate challenges like Apple’s ATT privacy update.
  • Meta’s Performance Marketing Maturity Curve: This framework outlines the evolution of performance marketing strategies (Brilliant Basics, Power 5, Performance 5).
  • Performance 5: A Proven Path to Performance: This framework emphasizes account simplification, automation, creative diversification, data quality, and results validation.
  • Going Beyond Performance 5: Disruption and Innovation: Top advertisers push boundaries by constantly testing new strategies, embracing a “test and learn” mentality, and iterating quickly.
  • The Core Values of Disruption: True partnership, fearless innovation, and rapid execution are key to success.
  • The Rise of AI in Marketing: AI personalizes messages, predicts customer needs, and helps target optimal audiences. However, human expertise is crucial to unlock its full potential.
  • Meta Advantage for Marketers: This suite of tools leverages AI to improve campaign efficiency and performance.
  • Looking Ahead: Beyond Performance 5: Meta is exploring advanced AI applications to give clients a competitive edge.
Meta marketing summit performance five 5

Automation to drive business growth

by Tino Krause, Regional Director Central Europe, Meta; Filippo Bottacchiari, Performance Marketing Lead, On; Amy Watt, Chief Strategy Officer UK, iProspect; Kai Herzberger, Group Director, Meta

The Panelists:

    • Amy: Emphasized the importance of human expertise alongside AI for creative strategy and media buying.
    • Filippo: Highlighted the benefits of automation for efficiency and ROI, but also the need to measure brand impact alongside conversions.


  • Key Takeaways:
    • Automation is essential for efficiency and effectiveness in marketing.
    • AI is a powerful tool, but human expertise is necessary to maximize its potential, especially for creative development and strategic planning.
    • A successful marketing strategy uses automation to optimize the funnel, measure brand impact alongside performance metrics, and leverage human creativity for storytelling.


  • Call to Action:
    • Marketers should embrace automation (e.g., Meta Advantage tools) to improve campaign performance.
    • Agencies should focus on developing human expertise alongside automation to deliver a holistic marketing strategy.

Summer of sports: Connecting the community with Reels

by Claire de Matharel, Marketing Director 2024 Olympics; Laurent Solly, VP Global Business Group Southern Europe, Meta

A presentation about Meta’s strategy for the upcoming summer sports season, featuring a partnership with Coca-Cola.

Key Points:

  • Increased Sports Content: Mentions of sports are up 36% on Meta platforms, with Reels showing strong growth.
  • Focus on Engagement: 75% of people watch sports while using social media, and Reels is a key tool for connecting with fans and athletes.
  • Coca-Cola’s Summer Games Strategy:
    • Celebrate the games and leave a lasting legacy.
    • Target the French youth generation and promote social inclusion.
    • Leverage Reels for increased engagement.
  • Key Coca-Cola Campaigns:
    • Pre-games campaigns focused on France (e.g., Olympic torch relay promotion)
    • International “magic when the world comes together” campaign during the games
  • Collaboration with Meta:
    • Focus on creating digital experiences.
    • Developed a “treasure hunt” app download campaign using Reels that achieved:
      • 20% increase in app downloads compared to standard ads.
      • 14% decrease in cost per app download.
      • Significant brand lift and positive conversation around the Olympics.

Call to Action:

    • Brands are encouraged to leverage Meta platforms (especially Reels) to connect with sports fans during the summer games.

Creativity in the age of automation

by Isabelle Quevilly, Director Creative Shop NEMEA, Meta

  • Traditional marketing isn’t enough. Brands need to reach new customers who might want their product for different reasons than existing customers.
  • Embrace creative diversification. This involves varying your message, visuals, and ad placements to resonate with a wider audience.
  • Three components of creative diversification:
    • Visual Direction: Tailor the look and feel of your ad to different audiences (e.g., using diverse creators).
    • Messaging: Craft messages that address different customer needs and motivations (e.g., highlight emotional or rational benefits).
    • Placement: Utilize a variety of ad formats and placements across Meta platforms (e.g., Reels, Facebook feed, Messenger).
  • Benefits of diversification:
    • Increased sales (e.g., Fashfed campaign with 73% sales increase).
    • Improved campaign performance (e.g., IHG campaign with 3,500% increase in reach).
    • Lower costs (e.g., AmEx campaign with 15% lower cost per ad recall).
Creativity in the age of automation​

Navigating a new era of measurement

by Rasheeqa Jacquesson, Marketing Science Partner, Meta

The Challenge: Traditional measurement methods are breaking due to privacy changes.

The Opportunity: Experimentation is key! Businesses that run more experiments see higher ad performance.

  • Meta’s Measurement Solutions:
  • Focus on Incrementality: Understand the true impact of your ads by going beyond last-click attribution. Meta’s brand lift and conversion lift solutions help with this.
  • AI for Efficiency: Leverage AI-powered tools like Advantage+ campaigns to optimize performance and automate tasks. Easy A/B testing is available to validate these solutions.
  • Future-Proofing Measurement: Meta is committed to developing new measurement solutions like Project Robin, an open-source contemporary MMM code.
  • A Holistic Approach: No single tool fits all. Meta offers a variety of solutions (attribution, incrementality, modeling) that you can combine to get a complete picture of your campaign performance.
  • Be Agile: Adapt your measurement strategy as the media landscape changes. Prioritize innovation and experiment to ensure your measurement approach stays effective.

Driving the future of AI

by Yann LeCun, VP and Chief AI Scientist, Meta; Derya Matras, VP Global Business Group UK Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Meta

  • AI Risks are Overblown: LeCun believes fears of AI surpassing human control are unfounded. Current AI is far from human-level intelligence and advancements will be gradual.
  • Short-Term Disruptions: Expect AI to revolutionize creative content generation (e.g., writing, design) and personalization (e.g., product recommendations) within 3-5 years.
  • Preparing for Change: Companies will need to adapt their workforce as AI automates tasks in areas like content ranking and recommendation.
  • Meta’s AI Focus: Meta is working on AI-powered creative tools accessible to everyone and advanced customer service chatbots.
  • AI’s Long-Term Impact: LeCun envisions a future where AI acts as a powerful assistant, amplifying human intelligence much like the printing press did centuries ago.


Despite privacy concerns shaking up traditional marketing measurement, Meta offers a suite of solutions that prioritize experimentation, AI-powered optimization, and future-proofing your approach. By combining attribution models, incrementality testing, and even contemporary marketing mix modeling, you can gain a holistic view of your campaigns’ effectiveness and ensure you’re reaching the right audience with the right message in this ever-changing digital landscape.

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