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Building Connected Brands. META Webinar Takeaways4 min read

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On May 16th, took place the Building Connected Brands, a Meta webinar.

The latest data shows that social media now tops global advertising spend in 2024, prompting a focus on brand building in this environment. Analysis highlights TV’s high contribution but lower cost-effectiveness compared to platforms like Meta and YouTube. 

Moreover, optimizing the channel mix could make brand campaigns up to 2.6 times more effective. AI, particularly in social discovery, plays a pivotal role, with Meta leveraging AI to tailor content and enhance user engagement. 

The evolving creative canvas allows for more immersive touchpoints, driving deeper brand metrics. The key to success is starting with specific brand outcomes, leveraging AI for awareness, and embracing immersive touchpoints for deeper interactions. 

Case studies, like Unilever in Turkey and Coca-Cola’s Olympics campaign, exemplify the power of these strategies in driving brand impact.

Building Connected Brands, a Meta webinar

Driving creative innovation on Reels around NatWest’s Team GB sponsorship

by Zehra Chatoo, Head of Connection Planning NEMEA, Meta; Robert Anderson, Group Head of Social Media Marketing, NatWest; Rich Kivell, Creative Strategist, Meta

As a Team GB partner, NatWest capitalizes on the upcoming Olympics to engage diverse customer segments through various content formats, particularly on social media platforms. 

The discussion highlights the importance of maintaining interest and relevance in content, fostering a balance between control and creativity, and embracing the potential for rapid learning and adaptation in the digital landscape. Overall, the panel underscores the significance of being “always interesting” and willing to explore new formats and approaches to engage audiences effectively.

  • Brand Harmony & Platform Savvy: Blend a strong brand strategy with content that speaks the language of Reels (think behind-the-scenes action and catchy audio).
  • Experimentation is the Spice: Don’t be afraid to whip up new ideas and test them out. Social media rewards quick learning and course correction. Be okay with some flops – they’re part of the learning process!
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: The secret ingredient is early collaboration between creative minds and brand experts. This ensures content aligns with the brand’s goals and leverages the power of Reels.
  • The Multi-Platform Menu: Consider Reels as one course in a larger social media meal. How can it complement content served on other platforms like TV?
  • Letting Go for Likes: Success on social media requires loosening your grip on control. Focus on creating consistently interesting content, not just pumping out volume.
  • Selling the Sizzle: Getting buy-in for less polished content within big companies can be tricky. Use rapid prototyping tools to visualize the final product and convince stakeholders.
The brand recipe for getting the most out of Meta

Driving brand love for Cornetto through Instagram

by Zeynep Inan, Client Partner, Meta and Eda Kirali, E-Commerce Director, Unilever Turkey

The campaign achieved unprecedented results in efficiency and effectiveness, doubling brand benchmarks and winning numerous awards. Eda explains that the challenge was to engage the audience in a new way while maintaining the brand’s identity. 

They leveraged astrology trends and partnered with an astrology app to create personalized chat experiences for consumers. The campaign utilized QR codes on products, chatbots, and Meta’s connected brands approach to boost engagement and brand recognition. 

Embracing courage and innovative solutions was crucial, along with understanding the audience and staying updated on trends. Strategic partnerships, clear KPIs, and calculated risk-taking were key to driving exceptional results. Eda emphasizes the importance of disruption and courageous thinking in creating memorable consumer experiences.

Challenge: Revamp a yearly summer campaign with a traditionally romantic theme to re-engage a jaded Gen Z audience.

Solution: Partner with a leading astrology app to create a personalized chat experience via QR codes. This leveraged Meta’s “connected brands approach” using Reels, messaging stories, and click-to-messaging ads.

Results: Record-breaking results were achieved, including increased brand awareness, recall, and engagement. The personalized chat experience was a key driver of success.


  • Understand your audience and leverage trends.
  • Embrace innovation and calculated risks.
  • Collaborate with strategic partners.
  • Set clear KPIs and measure success.


Unilever Turkey- Cornetto Love Star Connected Brands with IG Direct

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Proving cross-media effectiveness with Heineken

by Rasheeqa Jacquesson, Marketing Science Partner, Meta and Jimmy Hughes, Social Media Lead,The HEINEKEN Company

Heineken’s social media lead, Jimmy Hughes, shares insights from a campaign for Strongbow Ultra, a new product launch targeting Gen Z consumers. The campaign applied Meta’s connected planning framework, combining foundation and multiplier approaches to optimize reach and engagement. Results indicated significant incremental reach and brand awareness across Meta platforms, with Facebook and Instagram driving 50% incremental reach and a 22-point increase in brand awareness when combined with TV. 

Hughes discusses how Heineken incorporates learnings from the campaign and measurement study into future planning, emphasizing the importance of experimentation and adopting a multi-platform approach.

Heineken Strongbow Ultra Case Study:

  • Campaign Goal: Launch Strongbow Ultra targeting Gen Z consumers.
  • Strategy: Employed the Connected Plan Framework with cost-efficient TV ads (foundation) and engaging Reels content (multipliers).
  • Results: Achieved significant incremental reach (50% from Facebook/Instagram) and brand lift (22 point increase) at a lower cost-per-reach.

Learnings for the Future:

  • Experiment with new creative formats like Reels and AR lenses.
  • Leverage measurement studies to understand how different channels contribute to overall campaign goals.


The speakers underscore the critical importance of strategic innovation and measurement in modern brand building. Leveraging multipliers, such as diverse creative approaches and emerging platforms like Reels, emerges as a key strategy in achieving optimal brand results across digital channels, especially amidst the AI-driven landscape. 

The insights shared highlight the necessity of accurately measuring the impact of brand campaigns, as demonstrated by Heineken’s experience, emphasizing the need for robust measurement frameworks. 

building connected brands meta


  1. Embrace Multipliers: Utilize diverse creative formats (beyond core videos) to deliver the right message to your target audience at the right time and place. Reels is a powerful multiplier to consider.
  2. Reels for Brand Building: Jump into creating Reels as a way to jumpstart your connected brand strategy.
  3. Measurement is Crucial: Accurately measure the impact of your brand campaigns. 
  4. Q4 Planning Inspiration: Use the insights to fuel your brand campaigns as you head into Q4 planning.
Key takeaways meta marketing summit
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